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Felissa, Mehdi, Shane, Camellia et Priya, « The Start of a New Beginning », réalisé avec l’ATLAS, le kit de conception de constellation du projet, avril 2022.

« Things we want for a community-centered future: 

* We want to hear storytelling from generation to generation to keep our stories alive!

* We want to see collective kindness through a multicultural community that values anti-racism and equality!

* We want to smell fresh air and taste clean water that’s shared among all beings!

* We want all beings to feel and thrive in their bodies because they live in a world that is truly accessible. »


– Felissa, Mehdi, Shane, Camellia & Priya


Plus de constellations dans l’Album 1, Atlas de l’hippocampe


Découvrez le déroulement des étapes de participation citoyenne du projet.

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